Superabsorbent antislip mat

The majority of the accidents, on working places, happen for slips. The most common causes, are wet floors or the presence of slippery materials. An accident on four, happens for slip.

Stop for improvisation,and little hygienic solutions to try to maintain the floors clean. Tip Tap in just one product, offers a great absorption of liquids such as water, oil, solvents, alcohol and no-aggressive chemical products, guaranteeing a saving in the costs and times of cleaning operations.


Thanks to its versatility of use, MULTIMAT, represents the best solution for working environments as department stores, bar, kitchens, airports, schools, workshops and any place where wet floors are a concern.



The top is made in non-woven fabric, thanks to its conic micro-holes, it allows to quickly absorption and to be dry at the same time.

The central layer, formed by cellulose, guarantees an elevated absorption.

The bottom layer, composed by an impermeable plastic film with anti-slip treatment, reduces the risk of slip, increasing the safety on the working place.

Area of Use


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