Three-layer superabsorbent cloth with central folder


Super absorbent disposable cloth, CAPSORB soak up great quantities of liquid, making the surfaces clean and dry quickly. Practical and safe, CAPSORB introduces a 3 layers’ structure: the bottom layer is formed from a non-woven fabric, that thanks to his softness and to the special embossed structure, allows to absorb quickly liquids, even on the most delicate surfaces. The high absorption core layer, catch up and retain liquids, preventing dripping.  The top layer, is made by a barrier protective film, thanks to a comfortable fold, itfacilitates the removal and the disposal of the soaked pad, avoiding the direct contact with the absorbed substances.


Thanks to the structure that effectively imprisons the liquid without dripping, the disposal of the product happens in total safety, avoiding any kind of contamination.

CAPSORB is available in 2 sizes and different absorbency:

  • Pad 45 x 30 cm, absorbs 1 litre;
  • Pad 30 x 30 cm, absorbs ½ litre;


Area of Use


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