absorbent mats and cloths that stop your leaks


Tip Tap was born as a single mat to be used in catering and soon became a full line of products for the absorption and collection of excess fluids.


In the laboratory of Magic srl, a company specialized in absorbing materials for food and medical area, different versions have been studied, tested and analyzed in order to satisfy all the market needs. 


The Tiptap line is composed of super-absorbent carpets and cloths. 

Each product featured different properties and characteristics, these range is born from the different needs encountered in all work environments.



Decreasing sliding accidents, reducing cleaning times and costs, maintaining clean and dry surfaces, there are some of the benefits that  Tiptap line can give to your business, saving time and money!


Tip Tap is a trademark of Magic, a company specialized in lamination, coating, cutting and folding of absorbing materials. Since 1987 we manufacture products for food packaging. medical and personal care sectors, in compliance with the current regulations.